Peter Gevorkian, PhD EE, PEProf. Peter Gevorkian

Electrical / Solar Power Engineering 

Dr. Gevorkian holds a B.SCE (Honors) in electrical engineering, an M.S. in computer science, and a PhD in electrical engineering. His expertise lies in renewable energy sources such as solar power, fuel cells, and micro-turbine cogeneration. He has designed more than 250 MW of photovoltaic systems for healthcare, aviation, and regional utility companies across the country. Dr. Gevorkian is an active member of the Canadian and California Professional Engineers, California society of Energy Engineers.

Dr. Gevorkian is distinguished visiting professor and lecturer in advanced solar photovoltaic and alternative energy power production who has conducted numerous seminars and lectures worldwide. Over his career spanning nearly 40 years, Dr. Gevorkian has received numerous honors and awards and contributed numerous technology innovations in solar power, process control and automation systems.

  • AIA 2007 Engineering Merit Award for Renewable Energy Systems Engineering Design and Exceptional Contribution to Advancement of Solar Power Co-generation in Building Design
  • AIA 2007 Design Honor Award for Outstanding Engineering Design for the Metropolitan Water District’s Museum of Water & Life
  • AIA 2008 Honor Award for Outstanding Design Achievement in Solar Power Engineering
  • AIA 2009 Honor Award for Excellence in Solar Power Design
  • 2010 Nomination by the University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering for the Medal of Honor for Engineering Achievement
  • 2012 and 2014 Was listed by the Cambridge University Press roster of Top Scientists and Engineering Authors

Dr. Gevorkian has taught computer science, automation control, and renewable energy systems engineering. He has published many technical papers for national and international symposiums and has authored several technical books on renewable energy systems design. He has received numerous international acclaims as best author and some of his books have been translated into Chinese and are being used as textbooks in the U.S. and abroad. His books, published by McGraw-Hill, include:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems In Architectural Design – (McGraw-Hill)
  • Sustainable Energy System Engineering – (McGraw-Hill)The Complete Design Resource
  • Solar Power Systems In Building Design – (McGraw-Hill)
  • Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design – (McGraw-Hill)
  • Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic System Design – (McGraw-Hill)
  • Large Scale solar Power system construction and Economics – (Cambridge University Press)
  • solar Power Generation Problems, Solutions, & Monitoring – (Cambridge University Press)
  • Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Engineering – Economics, and Risk Management (pending publication by the Cambridge University Press)

Dr. Gevorkian currently holds a patent for Intelligent Solar Power Reader (WISPR), a high precision solar power energy management and life safety control system, a patent for a solar power system prognostication and econometric analytical software system, and multiple patents in digital tachometry.

Dr. Gevorkian is also President of his own company, Vector Delta Design Group, an electrical engineering and solar power consulting organization located in La Canada Flintridge, California that specializes in industrial, commercial, and residential projects.


In this easy-to-use guide, Dr. Gevorkian simplifies the challenges of comparing systems, projecting costs, and designing efficient systems for any building type.



This book is an excellent resource for understanding the state of green technology today. It serves the purposes of the entire building team by discussing the economics, strategies, typical scenarios, and documentation required to implement green projects.



This book is an essential resource for consulting engineers, technology specialists, construction contractors, and project managers who wish to develop the skills necessary to address complex technical and management issues associated with large-scale, grid-connected solar power systems.



his comprehensive guide provides hands-on design and installation guidelines for current and future alternative energy systems technologies.





This complete guide shows how to design, implement, and audit the most energy-efficient, cost-effective solar systems for any building type.

This book has been specifically written to serve as a pragmatic resource for solar photovoltaic power systems financing. When writing the manuscript, I attempted to minimize unnecessary mathematics and related theoretical photovoltaic physics, by only covering real life, straight forward design methodology which is commonly practices in the industry.


This book covers advanced solar power system design technology requirements, issues, problems and solution seldom discussed or covered in the industry. The book in addition to providing comparative analysis of solar power control and monitoring technologies specifically addresses significant legal issues associated specific to large scale solar power system engineering, procurement and operation contractual matter.


Grid Connected Solar Power Generation Engineering Economics and Risk Management, by Dr. Gevorkian is a brilliant as both a historical overview of the technologies. Dr. Gevorkian, however, provides the scientific evidence on how these systems work, especially solar for central power grids but also for on-site and distributed power. The detailed review and analyses in Grid Connected Solar Power Generation Engineering Economics and Risk Management provides scientific evidence as to how these systems have and can work. If the world is to move ahead to stop, reverse and prevent future climate change, then this book is the solid scientific evidence to do so — now and into the future. The book is currently under publication by The Cambridge University Press.


Advanced Applied Engineering Physics and Applications by Dr. Gevorkian is an encyclopedic discussion about advanced technology engineering, physics and applications. The main objective of this book is to familiarize senior undergraduate engineering and science students to the fundamentals of physics of advanced technologies, which are economic engines of industrialized countries of the world. The book is currently under publication by McGraw-Hill.


A Commentary on Education as Intellectual Development & National Policy by Dr. Gevorkian is a three part commentary on human learning and intellectual development. The book includes a fundamental discussion about biophysical and intellectual developmental mechanisms of human beings from a scientific and empirical perspective, and proposal for developing a novel methodology that could bridge the American academic standing with the technologies of the 21st century. Discussions also focus on the significance of developing a new educational paradigm that could contribute to the country’s present and future economic well-being. The book has been published in India.